Namayanja urges youth on soft skill development

Our founder Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko has called on students to equip themselves with soft skills to boost their employability in preparation for life after graduation.

While addressing students at the MUBS 2020 Employer-Employee Exchange Expo on Thursday this week where she officiated as the Chief Speaker, Hon Namayanja explained to the students that soft skills are an ideal way for graduates to highlight their value when they are lacking the relevant experience.

“The qualifications you get are very important but they are no longer enough. Regardless of your class of degree, the degree alone cannot guarantee job security because of the changing global dynamics and the massive global disruption due to technology and automation,” Namayanja explained.

She furthermore urged the students to embrace the growth mindset and develop their abilities through hard work and effort.

“Issues of personal development are very important. Work hard on yourself than you would on your job to ensure that you attain the most authentic and fullest expression of your self. You can be anything you want to be provided that you invest in yourself. Try to learn something new each new day,” she added.

On social media usage, Namayanja rallied the students to be cautious and utilise the platforms for development purposes and shun all temptations of using social networks for ill intentions.

On the Corona Virus Pandemic, She cautioned against going to congested places and called on the people to practice respiratory hygiene.

“Corona is a global issue. The core is a behavioural practice which we have to adhere to. Let us be vigilant by adhering to all the health guideline issued by the health ministry. This will not only save your life but that of your loved ones too,” She added.

The Employer-Employee Exchange Expo is a week-long event in which students are given training in selected skills and employers are invited to showcase their activities and talk to students about possible employment. This year’s event ran under the theme, “Looking Beyond Your Academic Qualifications.”

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