Inspire children with good career advice, parents urged

Parents have been urged to take up an active role in the educational and career growth of their off springs.

The call was made on Friday last week by Mr. Henry Ssempala during the annual Rose Namayanja Foundation Education Beneficiaries meeting held at Pope John Paul High School in Nakaseke.

The annual meetings are aimed at mentoring, guiding the beneficiaries on their career paths as well as checking on their educational performance.

“Parents need to sit down with children to agree upon the career path that the children are to take based on the interests and marketability. The cause of unemployment in the country is partly because of the wrong choices made by the young people.” Mr. Ssempala said.

While addressing the students, Mr. Ssempala an educationist by profession, appealed to the students to make good use of their time at school to acquire the invaluable knowledge and skills that will prepare them for life beyond.

“Make use of the chance that you have, many people are yearning for this very opportunity that you have. You don’t go to school to get a job but rather to be equipped with skills to enable you succeed in life.” Mr. Ssempala stressed.

He also called on them to also consider technical education through which they will learn impart marketable skills that will give them a higher advantage towards job creation.

On her part, the foundation director, Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko rallied the students to exhibit high levels of discipline while striving towards their goals in life. She called on them to focus on their studies and shun all forms of distractions that would sway them from their objectives.

“You can be anything as long as you put your mind to it. The only way you can pay back to the foundation is by performing well in your studies cause only the best is welcome. Discipline and success move hand in hand. We as the foundation believe so much in discipline.” She said.

She further argued them to always put God first in all they do and to believe in themselves as capable beings.

“First of all, we are God fearing cause without God we can’t be anything. If you want to succeed have God in your life and be honest in all that you do. We believe in hard work, determination, God fearing, discipline.” Namayanja added.

Mr. Ssali Henry the Headmaster of Pope John Paul High School appealed to the students to have the right attitude in life and to have a humble character.

“You are under scholarship from the foundation, seat down and read, and after your studies, help the less fortunate.” he said.

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