Socio Economic Empowerment

RNF through its socio economic programme has designed interventions that can help the poor achieve selfsustenance, improve their incomes thereby giving them better livelihoods. These interventions are in line with vision 2040 and are helping the majority poor in Nakaseke district.

Our main objective in this programme is to: Provide skills, inputs, tools and support for entrepreneurship focusing on Agriculture and small-scale cottage industries.

Our interventions generally revolve around agriculture as arable land is readily available. The unemployed youth are trained on entrepreneurship and encouraged to organize themselves in groups that can take on an agricultural venture that will improve their financial standing.

RNF then analyzes the ventures that come forward and with the help of Agricultural extension officers comes up with the requirements of each group and a cost benefit analysis. The projects are then started depending on the seasons and RNF provides the requisite capital to lease land, buy seeds or build the sheds in the case of those dealing in animal husbandry. Farm implements are also bought and distributed as per the needs of every group and the extension officers that are required for training and supervision contracted so as to guide the groups.

Since 2017 we have been able to support about 17 groups leaving them better financially and we continue to give them financial and educational support so as to continue enhancing their livelihoods.